Quick-Start Guide

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent van Gogh

The last time you bought a computer or installed new software, you probably found a quick-start guide bundled with the package (for those who hate to read the manuals). If you are willing and able to take some concrete actions to combat your depression without having the explanations for them, then this list is for you. If the list seems overwhelming, then pick one Level 1 item and do it. You can always try some of the other items later. If a blog post has already been written about the technique, the link to the post is listed next to the item. Eventually, there will be blog posts corresponding to each of these items.

Level 1 Actions

[ ]  Make your bed every day: “The Dailies.”

[ ]  Take a daily 15-minute walk: “The Dailies.”

[ ]  Talk to a supportive friend every day: “The Dailies,” “Friends on Call—Part 2.”

[ ]  Avoid eating refined white and brown sugar.

[ ]  Eat some lean protein every day.

Level 2 Actions

[ ]  Increase your walks to 20-30 minutes per day: “The Dailies.”

[ ]  Do Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) once a day (http://www.eftuniverse.com/).

[ ]  Take vitamin B-12, the amino acid L-tyrosine, and mercury-free fish oil every day.

[ ]   Limit your wheat (white flour or whole-grain) intake to two servings per week: “Eating Wheat Can Cause Depression.”

[ ]  Do something that brings you satisfaction—no matter how minor—every day.

Level 3 Actions

[ ]  Increase your walks to 30-40 minutes per day: “The Dailies.”

[ ]  Eliminate wheat from your diet altogether (this includes whole wheat): “Eating Wheat Can Cause Depression.”

[ ]  Have regular bodywork (massage, Healing Touch, craniosacral, etc.).

[ ]   See a cognitive/behavioral or interpersonal therapist at least once every two weeks.

[ ]  See a doctor to rule out any illness-related causes of the depression.

(c)  2011 by Patricia R. Henschen, M.A.



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2 responses to “Quick-Start Guide

  1. This is an excellent format and great information. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you, Naomi! I will! Since you are an R.N., I particularly value your feedback. Thank you for encouraging me to keep it simple.

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