CPR for Depressives Moved to Tuesdays

Just to let y’all know: The weekly publication date for Rescue Yourself: CPR for Depressives is moving to Tuesdays. Since I’ve been publishing faithfully on Mondays for the last three months (except for last week), I didn’t want to jar your routine or hand you any surprises.

I’ve been finding it mega-stressful to both try to launch my work week and get an article out on Mondays. You know how bad stress is for depressives! Hence, we’re moving to Tuesdays. Some statistical metric somewhere says that more people read blogs on Tuesdays, anyway.

I know, I know: it’s just a blog. But, hopefully, there is a handful of folks out there in the blogosphere who actually look forward to reading this blog every week. And who knows? I might get really wild and crazy and add a second post on Fridays. Stay tuned to find out!

Less stressed,



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