About the Categories

The categories for the Rescue Yourself: CPR for Depressives blog are explained in detail in the Trail Markers post. I have summarized them here for your convenience:

  1. Companions on the Journey—Good friends, supportive family members, neighbors, therapists, doctors and other healthcare providers, depression support group members, members of your spiritual community, pets and other animals.
  2. Provisions for the Journey—The provisions and other gear you’ll find beneficial as you recover from depression. They include foods, supplements, a journal, a computer with Internet access, a quiet space of your own, guided visualization audios, art supplies, music, and more.
  3. Getting Your Bearings—Encompasses medical, physiological, and psychological information about depression; resources such as books, websites, articles, depression treatment centers, etc.; stories by or about other depressives and how they have coped, overcome, or triumphed; depressives in history.
  4. Making Tracks—Addresses how to move forward in spite of having depression. This includes radical self-care, healing grief, cleaning up incomplete relationships, clearing out tolerations, valuing yourself, belief excavation, taking action, honoring accomplishments.
  5. Milestones—Discusses how you know you’re getting better.
  6. Finding Your Way Home—Discusses purpose, right livelihood, developing a vision, gentle self-discipline, coming out of your “cave,” right commitments, spiritual exploration and healing.
  7. Forest Rangers—Articles especially for caregivers. Includes acceptance, self-care, emotional survival, knowing when it’s enough.
  8. Humor—Articles just for the fun of it. Some articles in other categories might appear here, also.

I have added some targeted categories that contain to-the-point exercises you can do to help yourself feel better. Select a blog post under one of these categories for a quick functionality boost. They include:

  1. Anxiety Antidote—Helps you get back on track when anxiety threatens to derail you.
  2. Depression Dodger—Stops you from entering a depressive spiral or busts one up if you’re already in it.
  3. Easy Energizer—Gives your brain a boost through exercise or diet.
  4. Insomnia Interrupter—Helps you get back to sleep, precious sleep.
  5. Morning Motivator—Gets you moving when you most need to and least want to.
  6. Perception Pivot—Reframes your thinking so that, instead of “stinking,” it’s empowering.

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