Best Ways to Use this Blog

There’s a lot of depression-fighting info here. How do I sort through it all and figure out what to use right now?

Good question. Here are some suggestions:

  1. First of all–subscribe! That way, you’ll be sure not to miss any new posts. Just enter your email address in the sidebar field where it says, “Keep Up With this Blog,” and click on the “Subscribe” button. Whenever a new entry is posted, WordPress will send you an email notification that includes a link to the post.
  2. Peruse the archives.  To do this, pull down the “Archives” menu in the sidebar on the left. Go to the earliest month (April 2010) and click on it. One post comes up. Start there. The first dozen or so entries build on each other. After that, the entries are a bit more free-standing. Some posts may refer back to previous entries; in those cases, I will include links to the relevant entries.
  3. Pick a category, such as “Making Tracks” or “Insomnia Interrupter.” The “Categories” menu is in the sidebar on the left. All the blog posts pertaining to that category will come up.
  4. Search on a keyword, such as “anxiety,” “exercise,” or “journaling.” All the blog posts pertaining to that keyword will come up. Each article has tags that help the search engine pull it up when a particular keyword is entered. If there is a tag you’d like to recommend for a particular post, just leave a comment; I will add the tag, if appropriate.
  5. Pick a blog post at random, particularly one that’s dated before you subscribed to the blog. Most blog posts are not time sensitive, and so are relevant at any time.
  6. Leave comments. If you tried something suggested in a blog posting, share in the “Comment” field what worked for you and what didn’t, particularly if you made some modifications that might help others who read the post.
  7. Share your favorite posts with others via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other social media sites. Get the conversation going.

One final suggestion: As you read the various posts in this and other depression-healing blogs, keep a notebook of what you tried, what worked and what didn’t, along with where you found the information and the dates you tried the suggestions or exercises. This is also true for any books on healing depression that you are reading. For example, if you decide to add St. John’s wort to your supplement regimen (but only if you are not taking prescription antidepressants, as they are contraindicated), take note of the day you started along with the dosage; keep track for a couple of weeks to a month as to how you feel, if you think the dosage should be increased or decreased, if you think it’s helping, etc. Your notebook will help you track your progress; remind you that you are, indeed, getting better; and guide you to make the right choices for yourself in the future.

Be well!


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