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CPR4D Is Getting a Makeover!

Hi, Everyone,

Changes are afoot at Rescue Yourself: CPR for Depressives. We’re getting a makeover! Not an extreme one, mind you, but some gentle changes that will make this blog more accessible and interactive, and more of a practical tool that will help accelerate your recovery from depression. In short, I want to make this blog friendlier and more inviting.

My goal is to make this the best depression blog on the Internet, bar none. I see this blog as a safe haven in the tsunami of depression that is sweeping the world. The incidence of depression has increased ten times since the end of World War II. I want this to be a place where people can come and find practical solutions, community, and hope. I want to put the pieces in the puzzle of how to get well together in a holistic, comprehensive way that no one was able to do for me when I was first diagnosed with the dreaded “Double D” nearly ten years ago. Most of all, I want you and other depression sufferers to get your lives back and realize your own amazing potential. The world needs you!

Some of the changes I am contemplating include the following:

  • Shorter, more frequent postings that fit in better with the spirit of blogging;
  • Fewer near-feature-length, near-magazine-quality articles (which, frankly, I’ve worn myself out trying to keep up with);
  • A less “academic” tone;
  • More photos, feedback, and fun;
  • Experiments with multi-media (what would you think about downloadable MP3 guided visualizations?); and
  • More emphasis on building community.

But I can’t do any of this without your help. You have experience, strength, and hope that others can benefit from, unique perspectives and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t that others desperately need to hear. To that end, here is a brief poll so that you can tell me how you’d like CPR4D to look and what you’d like it to contain (I haven’t done a poll before, so let’s hope this works!). Select as many items as you’d like, as long as they don’t contradict each other:

Thanks for taking the time to give your input. Please feel free to add any comments in the “Comments” section as to what you would find helpful to have in this blog as you strive to live your best life in spite of having depression.


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On Summer Vacation

I’m on summer vacation this week. In the works for next week is an article on depression and parenting, guest-authored by a friend of mine who’s a single mom who has struggled with depression for many years.

Enjoy your summer, and stay out of the heat!

The Texas heat has about done me in, but I'll be back next week!

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CPR for Depressives Moved to Tuesdays

Just to let y’all know: The weekly publication date for Rescue Yourself: CPR for Depressives is moving to Tuesdays. Since I’ve been publishing faithfully on Mondays for the last three months (except for last week), I didn’t want to jar your routine or hand you any surprises.

I’ve been finding it mega-stressful to both try to launch my work week and get an article out on Mondays. You know how bad stress is for depressives! Hence, we’re moving to Tuesdays. Some statistical metric somewhere says that more people read blogs on Tuesdays, anyway.

I know, I know: it’s just a blog. But, hopefully, there is a handful of folks out there in the blogosphere who actually look forward to reading this blog every week. And who knows? I might get really wild and crazy and add a second post on Fridays. Stay tuned to find out!

Less stressed,


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